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About iProtect PROUD
iProtect PROUD - Backup, Recovery, Availability

For many IT departments, these terms are often synonymous with backing up to tape or external hard drive. But in truth, that's just a backup.

If you house backup data at an off-site storage facility, then you have the start of a disaster recovery plan. At this point, most companies feel that if they can put their hands on their data they have a degree of business continuity.

But maintaining business continuity – actually using the data to repair or recover from a problem in a short timeframe – is often an unforeseen impossibility. The penalty for extended downtime starts at lost productivity and revenue, and in extreme cases, ends when the business closes forever.

Protect Your Data

It's time for IT departments to have an affordable solution that provides a simple, reliable and flexible way to keep their business running at full speed.

For IT departments of all sizes, the iProtect PROUD can be a lifesaver if there is a catastrophic server failure. But what about the day-to-day issues that have you scouring disk and tape backups for a deleted file? With the iProtect PROUD, time spent goes from days and hours to minutes and seconds.

Why iProtect PROUD?

iProtect PROUD is the fastest and easiest backup and disaster recovery appliance for Windows Servers, MS Exchange and SQL Servers and Virtual Environments including VMware VSphere, ESXi, ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V, saving you time and money while ensuring business continuity

The iProtect PROUD backup and disaster recovery appliance solution enables organizations of all sizes to quickly, easily and affordably backup and recover any object — from block level data to individual files and database table or even single email messages — with fast local recovery and total bare metal restore from a remote replication site.

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