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iProtect PROUD Backup and Recovery Appliance
iProtect PROUD with Enhanced Disaster Recovery
iProtect Proud Backup & Recovery Appliance
Protect PROUD Backup and Recovery Appliance, is an application-aware, disk-based imaging solution that automatically and continuously images your entire Windows application server delivering accelerated application backups and disaster recovery for Windows servers in minutes. iProtect PROUD supports any Windows Server including Domain Controllers, File servers, Print servers, and SharePoint servers.

• Continuous imaging of application servers to a centralized management server, up to 96 full images a day

• Unique compression and de-duplication reduces disk space costs associated with DR

• Live rollbacks of volumes • Bare metal recoveries of entire server – available with dissimilar hardware support
• Read/Write mountable recovery points for data mining and database maintenance purposes

• Define an optional backup window during which iProtect PROUD VSS snapshots are suspended

• Export recovery points to bootable virtual machines

• Scalable solution, designed for transactional application environments with low impact to production servers

• Flexible backup retention policies

• Centralized backup and corruption monitoring status alerting

• Supports Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 application servers

• Off host processing ( RPO ) – only 1-2% overhead on production servers

• Transportable image exports to NAS, USBs

• Push button failover to virtual standby – Virtual high availability (Build-in Hyper-V Hypervisor)

• Push button failover to physical standby – Physical high availability

• Supports p2v,v2v,v2p,p2p migrations

• Exception alerting to Windows event log or to e-mail

• Network login credentials and IP configuration built into RRC Builder ISO files

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