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iProtect PROUD Backup and Recovery Appliance
iProtect PROUD with Enhanced Disaster Recovery
iProtect Proud with Enhanced Disaster Recovery
iProtect PROUD with Enhanced Disaster Recovery (DR) includes additional features that increase the flexibility of recovery and improve speeds and feeds.
Leveraging Virtualization for Disaster Recovery

iProtect PROUD Backup and Recovery Appliance with Enhanced DR provides a centralized backup and recovery solution that automatically and continuously images your Windows virtual workloads delivering accelerated application backups and disaster recovery while reducing the load on production VMware ESX, VMware Server and Microsoft Hyper-V hosts.

• Protect your Microsoft application workloads including the operating system, application and the application data with a single centralized solution.

• Decrease planned and unplanned downtime for improved business continuity.

• Reduce storage and other backup related costs.

Step 1
A iProtect PROUD agent is installed on the Windows guests. The agent is responsible for continually collecting volume block- level changes for the entire virtual machine and ensuring that the snapshots are application consistent. The block changes are transferred to the iProtect PROUD at the rate of 2GB/minutes with only a 1-2% impact on the guest while delivering 96 snapshots per day. The agent supports 2003/2008 Windows Server workloads.
Step 2
The iProtect PROUD maintains the snapshot as incremental images that are compressed and de- duplicated. The compression rate is between 50-80% depending on the data formats. A retention policy can be defined to control how long then recovery points are available for recovery and historical discovery needs. The default is 1 month. All of the backup processing is off-loaded from the production server improving the performance of the guest.
Step 3
With Hyper-V instantiations, the images can be automatically exported and continuously maintained as Hyper-V virtual standby environments enabling push-button workload failover directly from Hyper-V supported file systems. The images can be used for V2P, P2V, V2V migrations or for bare-metal to individual file level recoveries.
Benefits of iProtect PROUD's Enhanced DR

• Centralized Backup Management

• Reduced Storage Cost

• Push-Button Physical or Virtual Failover

• Improved Performance with off-host backup

• Flexible, Granular Recovery options and more

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