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Exchange Integration
Microsoft Exchange Integration
Email has become the lifeblood of the business world. With iProtect PROUD, perform mailbox & message restorations faster than ever. You can keep messages flowing throughout your company. With short recovery times and frequent recovery points, setbacks are fewer and employees are able to stay connected and productive, whether you're facing the failure of an Exchange server or just a mistakenly deleted email.

• Exchange data stores are continuously monitored for corruption
• Exchange log checking and truncation
• Message level search and recovery
• Recover entire volumes in minutes
• Recover Storage Groups and individual Exchange Data Stores
• Recover individual messages
• Recover Calendar Items
• Recover Mailboxes
• Recover Attachments
• Restore to .pst files
• Restore to a Running Exchange Server
• Export Messages
• Bare-metal recoveries of Exchange Server to similar or dissimilar hardware
• Mount any snapshot as a Windows share for data mining and Exchange database maintenance

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