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Rapid Failover
Rapid Failover/Standby Server
The iProtect PROUD can be configured to function as a rapid failover/standby server in minutes. Eliminate costly downtime due to server failure. Backups continue after a server is failed over. You have the latest changes when restoring back to physical hardware.

Virtual Test Environment
Replicate your production environment quickly and easily using our private network. Create machines on their own private network isolated from production to test software updates, security patches and configuration changes. Save time and the costs associated with maintaining a redundant test enviroment. With the iProtect PROUD have your Sandbox Virtualization environment up in minutes.

• Patch Testing
• Configuration Changes
• Software Updates
• No need to maintain a separate test environment
• Test Environment is always in sync

Disaster Recovery Testing
The iProtect PROUD's virtualization allows disaster recovery testing by verifying backup images. There are 2 modes, Live and Private Network. Use the Private modes to verify your images, use Live Mode in the event of a disaster. Your system can be restored in minutes, not days. This provides built-in redundancy and allows shorter RTO's (Recovery Time Objectives).

• Runs Directly From the iProtect PROUD
• Virtualize a Server in Less Than 5 minutes
• Select a Point-in Time Snapshot Just Before the Failure
• Virtual Server Will Have the Same Network Settings
• Backups Occur During Virtualization
• Virtualize Directly From Backups
• Perform Live and Private Virtualizations

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