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Disaster & Recovery
iProtect PROUD is the world's fastest disaster recovery appliance solution for Windows and virtual servers, restoring application data from a block level to an individual file locally and across the WAN in just minutes for blazing fast Disaster Recovery.

Whether restoring a single Windows or virtual server, database or file; or recovering from a total site disaster, iProtect PROUD backup and disaster recovery software minimizes downtime to just minutes by enabling you to protect and restore your entire Windows server application environment in just a few clicks. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on iProtect PROUD's unique, all-in-one disaster recovery appliance capabilities such as:

Push-button failover to standby virtual machines
• Easy bare-metal recoveries to similar and dissimilar hardware
• Integrated replication with compression and deduplication moves applications offsite efficiently
• Easy-to-implement offsite disaster recovery plans and testing

The world's most robust disaster recovery appliance for protecting Microsoft Windows Servers, VMware vSphere and ESx(i) Servers, iProtect PROUD also provides deep application integration with today's mission-critical Microsoft applications, including:

Microsoft Exchange | Microsoft SQL | Microsoft SharePoint
Feature Benefit
Push button failover virtual machines Cost-effective disaster recovery by maintaining standby virtual machines for server and application failover purposes. No need for duplicate physical infrastructure and software licenses.
Push button disaster recovery testing Perform scheduled disaster recovery testing without impacting production environments.
Bare-metal server recoveries Recover to similar and dissimilar hardware and from P2V, P2P, V2P and V2V. VMware, Hyper-V, and Zen are supported.
Mountable snapshots Does not require extra disk space to access SQL backups, Access SQL databases and files directly from the snapshot.
P2V, V2V snapshot conversions, export to virtual machines for migrations and testing (VMware and Hyper-V Supported) Convert snapshots to virtual machines on demand for disaster recovery and testing purposes.
Replication Replicate snapshots to another location for offsite backup and disaster recovery purposes.
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